Coburg Grange
A Place to Grow!


For many Grange member the Grange is about friendship, and the opportunity to meet and spend time with a variety of interesting people. Grange members make friends in their community, their state and across the nation. In the Grange it is easy to make friendships that last a lifetime. Grange meetings, activities and events always include a social aspect that has friendship as a cornerstone. Members look forward to the next event because it is with friends.


Having fun is always an important part of any activity or task. The Grange is an organization that understands the meaning of fun offering a variety of creative and recreational activities for you and your family.


The Family and the community are the foundations of the Grange. Traditional family values are promoted, taught and woven into Grange activities and events. From individuals to mom and dad the kids, single parent households, and grandparents raising their grandchildren, the Grange serves as a safe family-friendly place to spend time. A policy of courtesy and respect towards all members is practiced and encouraged by the Grange in a nondiscriminating environment. The Grange is a place for chidren, teenagers, and young adults to grow. Junior Grange membership is for children ages 5-14. Full Grange membership begins at 14 years of age. Additional programs for these age groups are available to develop the leadership skills and character of all members.


Grange membership has many valuable components. Memmbers have shared some of the reasons they both joined and retain their membership:

  • Friendship With People of Good Character
  • Family Environment
  • Fun and Enjoyment
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Service
  • Grassroots Legislative Action
  • Opportunity to Make a Difference